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The name "Charoen Thongkiat Banchong" is known in the field of boxing profession. He won many championship belt on the arena of Lumbini. When life comes to the point of hanging. Boxing is still in my mind. In order not to lose the art of Muay Thai in time. The idea of ​​adjusting the Muaythai arena to exercise occurs.

Charoen Thongkiat Banchong  Or the name used in the ring real life is  progressively raised ornament  or  teacher duck  flip  'Muaythai Gym' to launch  'Muaythai gym'  to exercise was first held 12 years ago in the name of  "Jaroenthong Muaythai Gym" from. The first course started in just 3 students. This time, the place was so small and tight. There are 40-45 people who are interested in learning a day, mostly women 80% from various fields of work, office workers and actors who turn to exercise this style more. The center of the star with the boxing sport is that it.

Currently, this style of boxing gym has started to grow. The distinction that makes people interested in being a student of the teacher is the quality of the teacher. All selected from the professional boxers that beat the champion stage already. Unlike the trainer who teaches in general fitness, the boxing classes at the prosperous Muaythai gymnasium. Learners can punch straight. Kick weight Can lift the knee at the point. This is in accordance with the principles of international muaythai.


Exercise with weight loss Muaythai or Actually?


Why Jaroenthong Muaythai Gym?

Because we are the real thing in teaching you Muay Thai. It is not technically possible. Or exercise We teach the correct model based on the old boxing teacher taught..

Exercise with Muaythai Is it better than normal exercise?

Exercise with muaythai It is better than normal exercise. It will help to lose weight quickly. Also makes the shape slim.

Muaythai is a good thing

Muaythai is very popular among foreign students and tourists.

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